Ed Gibson’s visit to Sheldon Heath

When Ed Gibson came into our school, some classes during form period sat in a session with him and learnt about 3 main things:

  • SPAM
  • Social Networking
  • FBI Life

When Ed was talking about SPAM he mentioned things that a lot of us had not heard of. He talked about compromising computers and he also talked about when the computer asks for personal details in a SPAM email/offer. He also said you should be careful when opening emails you don’t know because they could lure you into subscribing to things that may damage your computer.

Social networking is not always safe, Ed told us to always set your profile to private because people you don’t know could find things out about you that you don’t want them to know.

The average age of people joining the FBI is 31 years old. When Ed joined the FBI, he had to take a polygraph test (lie detector) before working on a case in 1995. It turned out that the case he was assigned to was about a friend he met and had worked with for over 10 years. This person was Earl Pitts, a SPY! It was found out that he was giving out information that was not permitted to the Russians . He was sent to the SuperMax (maximum security) prison in Colorado.

Ask Ed

Yes we’ve turned the tables and tomorrow is your chance to interrogate the FBI!  Well, nearly.

Ed Gibson - former FBI agent

Ed Gibson, Cyber Security Advisor to Microsoft and ex FBI Special Agent has been invited to give a talk in assembly at Sheldon Heath Community Arts College tomorrow for Safer Internet Day. The talk will not only focus on some of the important issues around online safety and protection of personal information but also give a fascinating insight into the life of an FBI Agent.

The talk will be filmed and put on the internet for you to watch later in the week, but anyone can send in their question for us to put to Ed on the day.  Please make sure you get your questions to us by 12 noon tomorrow – 10th February 2009. You can post your question as a comment here or email: digital@servicebirmingham.co.uk or Text ‘DIGITAL’ plus your message to 07786 200403 .

You can also access online eSafety resources and activities to help children be more cyberwise from http://www.digitalbirmingham.co.uk/sid or http://www.bgfl.org/esafety

Safer Internet Day – Tell us about social networking sites


Digital Birmingham would like to use Internet Safety Day on 10th February 2009 to tell us about how you use social networking sites.  Do you use MSN Messenger or Facebook? How safe do you feel online?

Do you think there are real dangers out there or is it just a lot of fuss about nothing?

We are really interested in your views and would like to hear your thoughts.

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